January 26, 2009

So Lofty

This loft was featured in The New York Times this weekend.  I have lived in many places but never Manhattan.  If I were to live there - this is how I picture my "residence".  I would obviously also be imagining an enormous bank account - this loft was $3.2 million.  
For me, its the free-flowing, open plan feeling.  Rooms full of inspiration.  Slightly industrial but warm and inviting, at the same time.
Two single women share this apartment.  They have their own living spaces with a communal interior hallway.  One of the women wanted a full kitchen along with a marble counter top for candy making.  The other was happy with a microwave.
Both an artists - one paints enormous canvases so needed the wall space - the other draws and created from her bed - so furnishings in her room are very minimal.
The bookcases in both lofts are pieces of art, in their own right.

January 23, 2009

Rain boots, Wellies, Galoshes, Gum Boots.......

Thinking back, I spent half my life walking in wet, soggy school shoes.  In the winter, it rained almost everyday and I had "to walk 5 miles, uphill both ways"!  Our school uniform was mandatory and so were the hideous shoes.  Basically factory grade leather with the most enormous flat, rubber wedge heel (why is there always just one option).
Its raining in Los Angeles today and that got me to thinking - why weren't any of these part of my uniform.  Wouldn't that have been practical - I can understand that some of them are a little "loud" - but the Burberry studded ones would have been perfect - black, sensible and stylish!

January 22, 2009

Gone To The Birds

It was love at first sight.  This Habitat wool rug.  The design theme this year is all about birds.

January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968)

You faced injustice, hate and strife.
You fought for what should be.
You risked and finally gave your life,
So others could be free.
You could have hated, but you chose
To love and understand,
Rejecting violence to oppose
An evil in our land.
You'd not inflame, but still inspire,
With hope that wouldn't yield.
You called for boycotts, not to fire,
With faith your only shield.
You marched in protest for the poor
Of every shade and hue.
So many hardships you'd endure
For those who needed you.
You stirred a nation's heart and mind;
Your message still is clear:
That color's not how we're defined.
Your memory's always near.
Each year your birth's a holiday
The nation honors you,
And wonders when we'll see the day
Your dream at last comes true.

Author unknown.

January 12, 2009

I Completely Agree - "Hollywood" Luuvs A Comeback!

Hollywood does love a comeback.  This is the first year in many, that I haven't had to attend any of the Awards shows.  Last night, I watched "The Globes" in bed, surrounded by my animals (my Xanax).

Now - I realize there are many who aren't fans of Mickey Rourke and his antics - he's been a bad boy, lets not forget that. But this I loved.  How very honest of him.

"Sometimes when a man's alone, all you got are your dogs and they meant the world to me".
-Mickey Rourke, during his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.

After asking for a bowl of water, for his beloved "friend" at the Chateau Marmont, he said to a reporter,

"She's like a giant Xanax, you know?  I'm not going to get religious on you ass, but I truly believe God created dogs for a cause.  They are the greatest companions a man could ever have".
-Mickey talking about his 16 year old Chihuahua terrier mix, Loki, at a press conference.

January 7, 2009

A Little Color Porn

To start off the New Year - I thought we would start with this Victorian house in London.  Owned by textile designer, Chrissie Probert Jones.  She owns Stitch Designworks which is a gorgeous online textiles store.  (And no, I don't make a commission - I just love her taste).
Ikea sofas in the conservatory.  
White board that covers one wall of the kitchen.
Bits and bobs from Ikea. Is this just a little too much clutter?  I realize that this has probably been styled for this photo.
Note the brick floors.  I do hope they have underfloor heating.
The Frame wallpaper is from Graham and Brown.
The runner is made up of six Ikea runners sewn together by Chrissie.  I love the striped wellies.
The Matthew Williamson from Habitat wallpaper has been customized by light reflecting jewels.

All images: courtesy of Living Etc

Its A Sad Day...

When "Rock Of Love Bus" on VH1 is getting me through the wee hours.  I'm struggling with jet lag!  And there's nothing like flying 1/2 way across the world to put things into perspective for 2009.  Had Christmas and brought in the New Year in the sun.  Its where I grew up so its normal not to be freezing cold over the Holidays.