August 31, 2008

20 Days And Counting

I have exactly 20 days to revert the "all the things I haven't got to yet" room back into my guest room.  My lovely little sister and her boyfriend will be here on the September 19th to stay.  Can't wait! 

I've already made lists of all things fun to do.  The last time my sister, who is a magazine editor, was here was almost 17 years ago.

I had just moved here and didn't have a penny to my name.  We rented a car from Rent-A-Wreck in Santa Monica.  The car was a Citation and must have been about 50 years old - but it got us to San Diego and it was very cheap.  We did the touristy bits, San Diego Zoo and Sea World.  I was advised not to go over the border, as I didn't have my green card yet.  

This time she's here, things will be a little more stylish!

The lovely David Hicks

"Good design is in no way dependent upon money.  I like to spend the minimum of money and yet gain the maximum effect.  Style is not what you do but how you do it"

David Hicks - Living With Design - 1979

August 28, 2008

Rosenthal Netter - Fugly Or Not......

Raymor along with Rosenthal Netter were primary importers of Bitossi pottery, into the US in the 1950's and 1960's.  A original Rosenthal Netter will have their label on the bottom, with an embossed Italy mark.

Bitossi is having a resurgence, and some items can still be found relatively inexpensively, on Ebay.   The Bitossi animal figurines are becoming more of a collectors item.

These candlesticks were found at a garage sale in the Spring.  They are in perfect condition and fit in beautifully, with my mid-century theme.

August 27, 2008

For The Very First Time....

I have lived in the US for almost 18 years and this is the first time I have been so interested and involved in who will be the next President.  I come from a country that has a transgender mayor and a female Prime Minister.  So really, all this is about time.

I am filled with such apprehension and excitement.  "The first time in history"....that's what I have heard all afternoon.  Privileged, is a word I would use right now.  Privileged to be living here at such a monumental time.  Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister when I returned to England. Sadly she is battling dementia now.  I was too young to be involved in the nomination process then but I do remember my father being a huge supporter.  He used to refer to her, as Maggie!

The DNC will be spectacular tomorrow night - remember to watch the short film at the end.  I'm just saying......

August 25, 2008

A lil' slice of Heaven

The morning of my birthday - 5:00am on Pauanui beach in New Zealand.  Completely empty awaiting the smell of Coppertone and Bain de Soleil to permeate the air.

August 24, 2008

Morning Greetings

I don't know who signed me up for a mass email I receive every day - but I have come to look forward to starting my morning with these upbeat's was

Life is like a sea voyage.  We each need to open up our own course in life with the strength of our convictions, unperturbed by the crashing breakers of life's stormy seas.  The fiercer the tempest rages, the more we need to rouse our own fighting spirit and man the tiller with all our strength and skill crying, "Bring it on!"  Through this type of arduous struggle we can forge the practical wisdom to triumph consistently and, as victorious champions, to create history.

Wisdom for Modern Life - Daisaku Ikeda