January 26, 2009

So Lofty

This loft was featured in The New York Times this weekend.  I have lived in many places but never Manhattan.  If I were to live there - this is how I picture my "residence".  I would obviously also be imagining an enormous bank account - this loft was $3.2 million.  
For me, its the free-flowing, open plan feeling.  Rooms full of inspiration.  Slightly industrial but warm and inviting, at the same time.
Two single women share this apartment.  They have their own living spaces with a communal interior hallway.  One of the women wanted a full kitchen along with a marble counter top for candy making.  The other was happy with a microwave.
Both an artists - one paints enormous canvases so needed the wall space - the other draws and created from her bed - so furnishings in her room are very minimal.
The bookcases in both lofts are pieces of art, in their own right.


The Storialist said...

Disgustingly gorgeous apartment!! The colours are great!

La Belette Rouge said...

I didn't know why but I didn't think that people who could afford a $3.2 million dollar loft made candy. Hmm...is one of the woman Martha?;-)
Love the bookcases.

So Lovely said...

The Storialist: I know, isn't it? It would do me quite nicely. So bright and welcoming.

So Lovely said...

La Belette Rouge: Right! I would have a candy maker and then sit back and watch.

Don't you think when you see bookcases like that, that the occupants are automatically worldly and highly intelligent.

I know someone who bought a house and then went to thrift stores and bought books, to fill the bookcases.

corine said...

I'd live in the bookcases alone. maybe they have room for another single woman like myself. I'm not single now but if they invited me i could be tempted.

So Lovely said...

Corine: Yeah - I thought I would just set up shop on the purple sofa and wax poetic! I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you moved in too, there's loads of space.