March 31, 2009

Springtime (sigh)

It's truly a stunning spring day here, with birds singing happily.  Its at times like this, there does feel like hope is in the air.  

In Early Spring
Road catkins, russet and tan let the
wind sweep over them as dusk
seeps in along the lake,
and I pass road puddles
swelling to ponds, mirroring
the sky's own silveriness.
At the railroad tracks seven geese
veer off and set down in a field
so that only their necks
speak for them, telling us all
to go on while they rest
by the barn.  Today a man
asked me if I were depressed,
and I looked up and smiled.
No more than these geese or catkins
as light falls around them, no
more than those pine boughs
lifting in the wind - just so,
life goes on.

By Larry Smith
from Writers Almanac.


Fifi Flowers said...

I LOVE Springtime... gardens are soooo beautiful!

Nora Johnson said...

Ah, how I miss LA in the spring with all the memories you've stirred - blue skies, shiny sea & gorgeous wisteria in the Huntington Rose & Japanese gardens...

I <3 LA!

Nora Johnson said...

P.S. Just to add I don't recall the dreaded 'processionals' (saga in last post) arriving in Spring in LA. But that was some time ago! Maybe you've got the Beast now too?

So Lovely said...

Hi Nora: I love the Huntington Gardens in the Spring before the searing heat starts up in the "valley". Everyone raves about the afternoon tea they serve there, but its just not the same as the real thing.
Thank you for stopping by.

Lucy Fishwife said...

Gorgeous poem! Sunny outside today and hazy-ish in that hopeful way - may be warm later. Lots of birds and HEYOOOOOGE amounts of magnolia blossom all down the road. Feeling springlike and optimistic!

So Lovely said...

Hi lovely Lucy. Glad you enjoyed the poem. And thank you always for your suggestions of books.

Tania Kindersley said...

Incredibly impressed by the hot cross bun making. There is a special blogging prize thing going on where you nominate your five favourites - and you are one of mine. Hurrah! There are rules, so go here for details -

So Lovely said...

Tania: my favourite writer. I shall go over there right away. Lovely to "see" you.