November 10, 2008

Liselotte Watkins

I think in another life I was probably either Swedish or Danish.  I am forever interested in artists/designers from there.  My latest "crush" is Liselotte Watkins and her extraordinary illustrations and talent.

"People sometimes find the girls in my drawings to be too good looking and inaccessible, but to me they're not.  To me these girls are like friends because I spend so much time with them".
Liselotte Watkins was born 1971 in Nykoping, Sweden.  She studied at The Art Institute in Dallas, USA and has worked as a fashion illustrator since the late 1990's.  Her art reminds me so much of the Biba world in the 60's and 70's, which I love but was too young to be a part of.
She have worked with the following: Vogue (UK, Japan, Italy), Elle (USA,UK, France) and Mac Cosmetics to name, just a few.  I saw her illustrations in the autumn edition of H&M magazine.
She published her first book in 2003.  Entitled Watkins' Heroine, which is unfortunately out of print.  Her cheery, bright illustrations are such a vacation for the senses.

Q: You are famous for doing illustrations of girls with a distinct urban, cool and glamorous look.  How did it all start?

"Urban, cool girls are what inspires me.  Lately urban, cool guys as well, actually.  It started when I was about twelve and went to see Flashdance.  It was a revolution in my life at the time, coming from a small farm.  I wanted to live in a big city, to read Vogue, to have a pit-bull and to weld.  The welding never developed into  career, but I learned how to do it".

The entire interview is here on Pipel.