November 9, 2008

Kenneth Kvarnström

You may have all realized by now, my OBSESSION with mid century/50's furniture and design.  I simply love the way Kenneth Kvarnström has decorated his apartment in Sodermalm. He's the artistic director for the House Of Dance in Stockholm.
Three entrances into this room create open and easy access.  Kenneth worked with a Swedish architect to alter the kitchen.  What a great way to hold plates and bowls.  And the enormous clock is from TickTockClocks in the UK but I found a similar one at Simply Wall clocks.
These signs were found in Paris where he sometimes works.  Each sign has a memory connected to it.  Note the parquet floors which hide a multitude of sins and are easy to maintain.  I have them in my home and they are brilliant.
Small signs, tags and notes are hung in inexpensive, black frames and are rotated often.  Ikea is always a great place to find a bargain.  The floor has been painted a high gloss white which I personally love.  It brightens up the room and the reflection itself, is an art piece.
His apartment is filled with numberplates and signs as he says they are inexpensive art.  (Sadly in the US they are very pricey and most are fakes.  But the real can sometimes still be found on Ebay).  

Photos: Martin Lof/Martin Lof

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soodie :: said...

Thanks for introducing yet another unknown to me. I keep learning about new designers from you. Keep up the excellent work.