September 2, 2008

Re-Launch of Interview magazine

Have you seen it yet ?  The new "redesigned" Interview, actually has Kate Moss, on the cover.  The makeover debuted August 26. Its slightly larger, in size, to the old one - an inch to be exact.

Originally started by Andy Warhol and John Wilcock in 1969.  It swayed more to the cult of celebrity which was a favorite subject for Warhol.

Towards the end of his life, Warhol wasn't as hands on with the day-to-day at Interview - its now under the direction of Fabien Baron.  Baron is best known for his work with Madonna and her infamous "Sex" book.

Its a hefty one to lug around - more of a coffee table magazine but I loved it! 

 There's a great interview with Woody Allen.  

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