October 16, 2010

Catching my breath

I never feel I have a moment to catch my breath - I've truly felt guilty at times writing my blog or reading a book as that attention should be directed towards the ever growing virtual stack (via email) of scripts that I should be reading for clients and my own production company.

I've also realized that not spending as much time on Twitter or on my blog has made me direct more attention back to my company and therefore wonderful things are happening. I've always wanted to have my own company - I'm not good taking orders from others, I will do if I must! Having spent most of my life working in the corporate world I took a risk a few years ago, leaving a high profile job, the security of a monthly pay check and a very hefty expense account to initially start up my new company from the dining room table in my house (I had to leave sooner than expected). I remember being so afraid - I worked 7 days a week without a break, not wanting to divert my attention for a moment as the bills were starting to pile up and it seemed like money was drifting out the windows. That's a hard habit to break - working 24/7.

I'm trying to teach myself that the sky is not going to fall if I read a design magazine, wander through blogs I like or perhaps even read a book! And also to catch my breath - and remember its not all or nothing.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am so glad you are finding some time for non-work pursuits. I know a non-work activity that you need to do, you need to meet me for lunch!!

Hannah Stephenson said...

I agree with Miss Belette. It's important to give ourselves permission to recharge this way.

Wzzy said...

Taking some time to paying attention to the world around you is not only good (and necessary) for your soul, it'll be good for your business as well! And I second what La Belette Rouge said... we're overdue for lunch. xo

So Lovely said...

LBR: Yes, lunch and very soon. Maybe we can close down another restaurant. xx

Hannah: Thank you for stopping by. x

Wzzy: Its not easy for me as I'm a workaholic but also love what I do, so its a learning process. Lets make a plan. xx

lila said...

I agree with Miss Belette...is time to give yourself to rest and recharge..and why not? Life sometimes drains you out of your creativity if you do not take time off to smell the roses..
I love your insightful blog...lovely posts and fabulous links!

Helena Halme said...

I ran a company with my husband for years and years and now I'm aching to set something up on my own. It's a sort of a bug. xx