January 6, 2010

Coming into land

I am feeling slightly normal again after sleeping for more than 14 hours - jetlag can sometimes be the worst and hits me rather hard. My father gave me the best piece of advice years ago - don't make any decisions in the first 24 hours after flying - and he's right.

Firstly I'm always incredibly weepy and start to compare ridiculously. Yesterday was no exception - I landed at 7:00am and by 8:00am in my mind my entire life here was packed up, animals in quarantine and I was on my way. Its always so easy to blame the place rather than look at ourselves and I'm completely to blame for my mundane life here, I've become lazy and unadventurous. I have made a small list of the things that I would like to accomplish this year; its a reasonable list. Top priority: to dive into doing things by myself rather than waiting to find others to join me.

Here's to an adventurous, busy 2010!


Susan Champlin said...

Welcome back Stateside! Hope you had a wonderful trip back home, and lovely holidays. I applaud your New Year's resolution—we all need more adventure in our lives. I hope some of your adventures will bring you to NYC. xo

Helena Halme said...

Happy New Year to you and I agree with Susan, we can all do with more adventure. I'm planning some for sure. Some may just be in my head (and on the computer screen), some even in real life.

Helena xx

mothership said...

welcome home, and don't forget that I'm up for fun!
You're due a belated birthday cake in Stepford, and I'm also game for a kid-free jaunt somewhere entertaining (woo hoo!)
Re the jet lag and feeling low on return - my mum calls it the re-entry blues and they take at least a few days to wear off.

Miss Whistle said...

Welcome home! You were missed. And jetlag sucks, you're right.


Liberty London Girl said...

So glad you are home safely. Every year I book my flight home for Christmas, cursing and planning a return in the first week of Jan. And every year I have so much to do and so many friends to see that I change my ticket and go back at the end of the month. Yet, after I have been back in America for two weeks I can't imagine being anywhere else. Being an ex-pat is a pain in the arse sometimes. However, selfishly, am thrilled you are there, as it means I can see you in Feb! LLGxx

The Divorcee said...

I hope you have borne out the jetlag, not easy to slough off, especially at this time of year. My (eminently more successful/RICH) brother always books an adventure as soon as he lands from a holiday- those who can do! For those of us more normal folk, any form of anything works I think. Happy New Year xx

shayma said...

happy new year, lovely. i am having similar emotions. xoxo shayma
ps what is this i hear about a belated birthday? hope it was fab fab fab wishing you a belated birthday. xx

So Lovely said...

Thank you dear friends, for your kind and warm comments. The jet lag has almost thawed. xx

sas said...

i've just popped over from Miss Whistle. I'm a kiwi living in London and a couple of years ago I went back to welly. For good.

except that turned out to be 18 months.

i spent the first fortnight on NZ soil on the verge of tearr or laughing hysterically. in a 'where the hell am i and whats it all about anyway' kind of state.

kia kaha :)