October 7, 2009

Vancouver - July 2009

I feel so terribly awful that I have abandoned my sweet little blog-that-could. While I get my derriere into gear and find some new inspiration, I will shall leave you with lovely summer photos from Vancouver.


Miss Whistle said...

I think we'd like more of this please, Miss So Lovely!

xx Miss W

The Storialist said...

I'm Vancouver-based! :)

Yes, Vancouver is so beautiful. I even love it in the wet fall. The little seabus is adorable.

So Lovely said...

Miss Whistle: That will be no problem as I adore taking photos and love to fond any avenue in which to display them.

The Storialist: I spent 4 days there (Vancouver) in July. The weather was beautiful and I had the most wonderful time wandering around the city. We had dinner one night at the Vancouver Yacht Club - the view of the city from there was so beautiful. I think I have lived in LA for too long as I find myself taking lots of photos with sky!