October 25, 2009

Social Mountaineers

I encounter these sorts on a daily basis and it makes me incredibly sad and disheartened. Why must people try and be something they're not conjure up a life that's not theirs. I can understand trying to better yourself but why must average, good people who work hard crave to be someone else and live their lives hoping they have succeeded. A fantasy life of sorts.

A fantasy world of any kind can be a good thing at times - everyone has a dream right? But I'm staggered by how many people misrepresent themselves, build themselves up to be something they're not perhaps to get ahead, be more popular, to climb the social mountain- who knows. Were they raised to feel less than and so form a new version of themselves, mirroring themselves on others and what they think others may like? There's such a misrepresentation there - from the surface everything seems open and honest but then the facade starts to fall and its like talking to the shell of someone else, the accomplishments they have bragged about become an embellishment of what they think they need, to be accepted. The image and personality of this person is not really them, its a replica of who they think they need to be.

That's what I find disheartening.


Helena Halme said...

How true. Guess people like this aren't happy with themselves, or then they're just lazy. Achieving success is hard work. xx

Liberty London Girl said...

it is profoundly depressing. Reach for the moon, but don't pretend to already be there...LLGxx

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

This is a topic I have thought about often. Why would anyone want to pal around in the "best circles"? Who are they anyway?

The in-crown has always left me bored senseless.

Tom Degan

JennyMac said...

I love this post and concur. Its sad..but I hope the number of people that do this is smaller than the real and genuine people. Too hopeful?

Wzzy said...

It's an insecurity thing... people are afraid you won't like them if you knew who they really are.

Or, they're just cold and calculating, and kissing up because of what they think you can do for them.

Either way - so sad!