November 26, 2008

Having You Been Craving Color?

Oh boy, have I ever?  I am forever searching.  My first prowl is always to Corine's Hidden In France.  She always finds the most amazing, colorful treats!  And she makes me laugh out loud!

I am all for color - the brighter, the better.  And right now hot pink has become a little bit of an addiction.  I have always loved color.  It started at an early age - painting my Barbie's plastic shoes with nail polish when I was young, as Mattel just didn't get them bright enough for my taste.

This is Nisi Berryman's 1,100 sq foot, 1950's bungalow.  Its situated in Miami Beach's Palm View Historical District.  She is the founder of NIBA Home showroom, which I could get lost in.

Her home is filled with refinished flea market finds.  She moved walls and added floor boards and valances, to reorganize the floor plan of the house.

The colors in the bungalow range from a very deep chartreuse in the living to this violet in the dining room.  Note: the very retro feathered chandelier.

Lisi designed the magenta Lucite coffee table.  The drapes are made from outdoor fabric.

The moorish-inspired custom headboard is fantastic.  The floor lamp is a custom design from NIBA home, the vintage bedside lamp is another flea market find.

I could be very happy living in this little slice of heaven.  She even has a hot pink front door. My kind of girl!  

And on that note: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Source: obviously - Metropolitan Home


corine @ hidden in france said...

Painting Barbie shoes with nail polish is absolutely something I would have done (and probably did). We were sooo limited in terms of babies back then. We had to be creative.

Thank you for talking about my blog!


soodie :: said...

I love the dining room -- jeweled violet with chocolate and latte browns. Bold yet somehow neutral.

Colour Me Happy said...

Purple is the new brown I've decided. Such lovely photos!

nisi said...

Wow, so glad you like my little spot of color(s). I agree purple is the new brown! I enjoyed your comments so much- many thanks! Nisi

So Lovely said...

Hi Nisi: Thanks for dropping by. I love your house. I always admire someone who is not afraid to be daring.