October 4, 2008

Mulligatawny anyone ?

As the song goes, "It Never Rains In Southern California" - well today it did.  Sort of, for maybe an hour.  Enough for puddles.  Was also a little chilly for LA standards.  I know, I know.....its not like we live in the Arctic here but its great to have even a small seasonal change.

Got me thinking about SOUP.  I came across this amazing website "Vintage Recipes".  One recipe is more enticing than the last.  Not only covering vintage food recipes.  Buts there's recipes for Acid Salt - to remove ink stains, although I must admit, it initially sounded a little more sinister.  Here's another:  Thieves' Vinegar, invented by 4 London thieves in 1665.  It supposedly warded off the plague.  The thieves were able to remain in the city, and loot, while others were fleeing.

Think I'll start with the Mullatawny Soup, and go from there.  

Image: from foodireland.com.

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thebubbreport said...

that word reminds me of the soup nazi on seinfeld!