October 30, 2008

"Its The Editing and the Producers"

Is it really ? Lets be honest - reality TV is here for a reason.  Its entertainment and a platform to launch chefs, fashion designers, interior designers and/or anyone who is addicted to attention (ie. most of the girls on Rock Of Love Charm School, the "Housewives" ladies), to name a few. Reality TV and the blogs that come with them are brutal, and contestants on these shows need to have a thick skin going in, or they will crumble.  

But if you are going to launch a new "character" on one of these reality shows - admit to that fact that you are doing it for "camera time".  I find it disappointing when on "fallen contestants" websites and blogs, they constantly blame producers and editors for portraying them in a certain light.  The material has to be there for the show to use it.  Are they embarrassed and ashamed of the way they acted.  Has an enormous mirror been held up to them?  If there must be blame - why not split it.  Half to the producers/editors and half to the contestant, themselves.

The support of mean-spirited and insecure behaviour on these shows by bloggers, is the most surprising to me.  Comments are left commending them on their conduct.  "Friends"  and supporters leaving messages as to what a kind and talented person they really are, and how badly they were portrayed.  Thats just plain sycophantical.

In the end, shows are won on merits rather than dismal personalities.


La Belette Rouge said...

I have long been intrigued about the casting of reality shows and how they do psychological screening to create the most drama possible. I would love to sit in on a casting session and see how it is done.

Charlie said...

Hi la belette rouge: a lot of audition tapes for reality shows are on YouTube. Very telling from the start.

thebubbreport said...

Amen Sister! Editing can only do so much; if you do it on camera, you did it/said it/put up your middle finger and said "Sit and Spin" like a psycho, whatever!


soodie :: said...

Time and time again, excuses have been made for the "creative" types – that they are too creative to control their temper. BLAH. Each and every one of us has the ability to control our emotions. Many of these industries profiled on these reality shows need teamwork and throwing a tempertantrum, being downright cruel to other members and/or having a ridiculously inflated ego is not an excuse. How many of us has had to take extra time away from actual work to deal with one of these. What happened to simple RESPECT for others? Reasonable conduct. I am so glad you pointed this out.

corine said...

How can they call 'reality' putting people into entirely unrealistic and stressful circumstances that are sure to show people at their absolute worst?

You sure are right about the thick skin.

corine said...

I just wrote a long comment but it disappeared. Bottom line: I agree.