October 1, 2008


"When I propose something with a very new shape in a new use....it's a very big joy"

Best known for her looser, freeing living.  Sofas made out of polyurethane foam, furniture from bent glass.  Her shapes were and are, revolutionary even now.  Its no wonder why pieces designed by Cini Boeri appeared in the 1982 film Bladerunner.

In this photo, Cini is sitting in her infamous "Ghost" chair.  Designed in collabration with fellow designer Tomu Katayanagi.  Made from a single piece of toughened 12 millimeter-thick glass.
"Bobo Divano" sofa.  Released by Artflex in 1967.  This became the first mono-block seat/chair/sofa with no internal structure.  Completely ahead of her time.
This is from the "Strips" line of furniture from 1972.  As you can see vaguely from the photo, there are huge visible zippers which makes the upholstery easy to remove.  The cover can be used as a duvet, if necessary!
"Lunario" desk/dining table.  Two-part weighted, with a chromed steel base with interior weights to support the tempered glass top.  How ingenious.

Cini is now in her '80's but hasn't slowed down.  She has taught at various universities around the world, and in 2007 she released an aluminium shelving system called To the Wall.

Cini Boeri's pieces are still readily available.  The smaller pieces start at $3,000. 

I'm in love with so many pieces.  Everyone has their passions and mine is this modular furniture - so stylish!   


soodie beasley said...

thank you for sharing info on this designer. (most women designers have been largely forgotten...) hadn't seen her glass chair before.

Charlie @ So Lovely said...

Thanks lovely. Maybe I will do the first 10 days about women. Thats a great idea. xx