September 8, 2008

Long Beach Lobster Festival

Had never heard of the Long Beach Lobster Festival before.  My lovely friend Eddie, wanted to go and investigate.  

Its situated down by the Convention Centre in Long Beach, and by the time we got there, there weren't throngs of people.

I have to admit - I'm not a huge fan - I know many people who "ooh and arhhh" at the thought of lobster, dipped in butter (or butter substitute - which is even worst)

There was carnage everywhere and I can't even imagine, exactly how many lobster were shipped in and boiled, for the crowds.

I went for an Italian sausage hot dog with sauerkraut and grilled onions on a French roll.  Yes, very fitting for the "Lobster Festival".  I have an addiction to condiments so added ketchup, pickles and mustard.

Tried Funnel Cake for the first time served the old-fashioned way, just powdered sugar.  My friend P, once said to me "I would eat a chair, if it was deep-fried" and honestly, I agree.  The Funnel Cake was crunchy and fantastic.  Even got a little sugar high! 

It was all so delicious but knew as I was eating it that I was going to paying later - and I did.  My system must just be "too pure" as I woke up on Sunday morning with puffy eyes and the "dry horrors" (dehydrated).

All in all not the healthiest day, in the way of eating, but it was all so good!

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