September 25, 2008

The Getty Museum

My sweet little sister at 1:00pm - 91 degrees in the shade!


The Storialist said...

Oh oh oh! That is one of my all time favorite places on Earth. I LOVED it there...I spent 8 hours roaming around.

When I was there, there was an amazing exhibit about the beginnings of photography as art. I just loved the architecture...I'd be walking indoors, and all of a sudden, I'd be outdoors without realizing how I got out there. And the garden!

What cool exhibit did you see?

Charlie @ So Lovely said...

I love it there also. I always have to go and ogle at the Irises. Went on the architecture tour this time - Richard Meier design and all that. Really interesting.

There was a small photography exhibition - not as large as the one you saw, I think.